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Genetically-modified purple tomatoes heading for shops - BBC News, 24 Jan 2014
Genetically modified monkeys created with cut-and-paste DNA - The Guardian UK, 30 Jan 2014


Are you creative and innovative in ways of showcasing your scientific knowledge? Have a penchant for print media designing? Want to have a chance at winning SGD 800?

Look no further!

The GMAC Students Challenge takes a new format this year, in finding ways to convey the science behind GM technology - infographic poster design.

Creative, straight to the point, infographs are effective in conveying snippets of information to audience of all ages.

We are looking forward to find secondary school students with the right dash of scientific knowledge along with a creative flair to boot!

If you are up to the Challenge and are currently studying in a local secondary school, look no further. Click here to find out more about the GSC 2014 now!

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