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Phys.Org, 05 January 2015
'CRISPR' science: Newer genome editing tool shows promise in engineering human stem cells

BBC News, 13 January 2015
EU changes rules on GM cultivation

BBC News, 14 January 2015
GM crops: What does the new rules mean?

BBC News, 21 January 2015
'Safer GMOs' made by US scientists

Science 2.0, 31 January 2015
Fewer Wild Fish Needed: Genetically Modified Plants Produce Omega-3 Fish Oil

Sydney Morning Herald, 03 February 2015
Genetically modified coral could help save reefs, report argues

Science Codex, 05 February 2015
Synthetic biology: new genetically modified plants have better drought tolerance

New York Times, 13 February 2015
Gene-Altered Apples Get U.S. Approval

ABC (US) News, 14 February 2015
What To Know About the Apple That Doesn't Turn Brown

BBC News, 25 February 2015
Is the world ready for GM animals?

APHIS USDA, 27 February 2015
APHIS Announces Withdrawal of 2008 Proposed Rule for Biotechnology Regulations

New Scientist, 04 March 2015
Would you wear yeast perfurm? Microbes used to brew scent

Medical Daily, 17 March 2015
No-Hangover Red Wine: Genetic Engineering Increases Resveratrol, Decreases Toxic Byproducts

Science 2.0, 08 April 2015
Genetically Modified Broccoli With 3X Glucoraphanin Lowers Cholesterol

MIT Technology Review, 08 April 2015
Microbes Engineered to Prevent Obesity

Science Daily, 21 April 2015
Horizontal gene transfer: Sweet potato naturally 'genetically modified'

Science 2.0, 04 May 2015
Triple Null: New Genetically Modified Soybean A Big Benefit For Food Allergies

Food Navigator, 12 May 2015
Fish Goodness from beef? Chinese scientists breed omega-3 rich cattle